What’s trending?

The fall trend this year is “Color Melting”. Color Melting is a technique used to blend highlights with a base color to soften harsh lines. It’s been noted that most of these looks are achieved with pastel tones but this trend is spreading with brunettes, reds and blondes. It’s a great way to soften your hair color this fall.

Above is one of my beautiful models sporting a Color Melt. Her roots are dark brown which fade into her highlights and diffuse her line of demarcation. This look can be executed with a balayage technique giving her a natural soft highlight on her ends.

How to get this look:

1. Comb your hair off to the side making it smooth.

2. Create a normal braid on the side with a mini black rubber band.

3. From the top of the braid, gently and unevenly pull out the weaved pieces, working your way down the braid.

4. When finished your braid should look distorted and loose.

Short Hair

Julianne Hough knows how to wear it! Short hair is in. (Yes shorter than a Bob haircut). This fall you will see a trend of short hair styles above the shoulder going above the shoulder. It adds movement to your hair and can enhance your neck line. This is a fun, chic and sassy look!

How to get this look:

1.Use a 1-inch curling wand and wave 1- 2 inch sections of hair throughout your entire head (make sure to leave your ends out of the barrel on every other section).

2. Simply rake your hands through the hair.

(Product Tip: For body and height you can apply a volumizing mouse before drying the hair).

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“They say hair accessorizes the outfit, I say the outfit accessorizes the hair”. Yolanda Recinos

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