Jul 18, 2023


SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

Summer Hair 2023

What does your hair say about you?

According to The Cosmopolitan, your hair can reveal a few things about your personality.

  • Red hair: Fun-loving, humorous, and never bored.
  • Curly hair: Fun-loving, warm-hearted, and quick-paced.
  • Wavy hair: Innovative and creative.
  • Thick hair: Strong-willed and determined.
  • Straight hair (curled): Craving more fun in life.
  • Curly hair (straightened): Seeking calm amidst chaos.
  • Medium-length wash-and-go: Logical thinkers who value simplicity.
  • Long wash-and-go: Emotionally attuned and in touch with feelings.
  • Super short wash-and-go: No-fuss, efficient individuals.
  • High-maintenance style: Meticulous or drama-inclined.
  • Don’t tend to hair/ messy braid: Putting others’ needs first.
  • Bald or unconventional cut: Fun and adventurous.
  • Blunt cut: Direct and ambitious.
  • Layered style: Perfectionists.
  • Hairline straight across: Rebels who break the rules.
  • Irregular hairline: A troubled adolescence.
  • Rounded hairline: Typically good-natured.
  • Widow’s peak: Sexy and mysterious charm.
  • Polished high ponytail: Goal-oriented individuals.

Would you agree? 

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SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

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