Mar 8, 2017


SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

March Madness

What’s Your Hair Texture?

Ever wonder what your hair texture says about you?
Here are some hair styles, that may match your personality.

Straight Hair

Straight hair or if you like to wear your hair sleek straight. You tend to be more of a perfectionist. You like to be in control.

Curly Hair

Curly hair people tend to be more playful, fun, loving, warm, fiery personality. Also have a hard time staying focused on one thing.

Wavy Thick Hair

Wavy hair people tend to be innovative, creative strong willed. Have intense energy and super emotional.They like to have there alone time which also says they like to have there freedom.

Wavy Fine Hair

Wavy fine hair tend to be more conservative but yet still creative.

Thin vs. Thick

Thin hair people are less active in sports and tend to be very delicate.

Thick hair people tend to be more will powered and full of energy.


MARCH 17 – 30
APRIL 15 – 26

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SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

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