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Keratin Treatment

Keep the body, lose the frizz. Keratin adds shine and manageability and can be used on coarse, thick or fine hair.

Yolanda uses La Brasiliana Keratin treatments due to the many options available for all types of hair. Everyone’s hair is not created equal. La Brasiliana is not a straightening product, The La Brasiliana Keratin product is meant to eliminate frizz, improve manageability, create instant and lasting shine and ward off humidity. This is the perfect product for both straight and curly hair. With the La Brasiliana Keratin treatment silky hair hair can be achieved for all.

For those with straight hair, blowouts are quick and easy in every season. Your style will last for days. For those with curly hair La Brasiliana can be used to simply eliminate frizz without losing the curl or to reduce the curl without losing any volume at all.


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