“I strive to maintain the hair’s integrity so it is always healthy, beautiful and in the best shape.
That is the commitment between my client and I.”
– Yolanda R.


Yolanda’s signature Dry Cutting technique, which she picked up along the years from great mentors in the industry, has allowed her to better understand the craft. “Everyone wears their hair dry, So why do we cut it wet? -Karg. Applying dry cutting and other factors are what makes her haircut technique stand apart from the average cut. In order to execute the perfect haircut, one must have a thorough consultation.  Just like hair color, understanding what’s going on with the hair before cutting is paramount to achieve a great result. Understanding the client’s lifestyle to determine what look they can best maintain is the key to continual happiness and great hair days.

Haircutting is not just about picking up hair from different angles and cutting.  A professional stylist studies WHY you are lifting the hair and to what degree. “It’s not about how much hair  you remove, it’s about where you remove it from.” Nicolas French once told me.

Every single client is unique and has a different head shape, different bone structure. The shape of the client’s head along with the density and texture provides clues to understanding what will look best for the individual. A haircut is just as important as hair color placement, it can completely change a person’s appearance.

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4 Summer Hair Tips

4 Summer Hair Tips

Always use a Sunscreen Protectant Spray for the hair when going to the beach. The sun will cause dryness and color fading. Clarify your hair with a Clarifying Shampoo after the pool or beach. Hair easily absorbs salt and chlorine. For healthy hair, it is best to...

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Hair Color Solution!!

Hair Color Solution!!

As I sit here in Hawaii during this quarantine, I am thinking of you all back home. How can I help even though I am so far away? Super excited to share a solution to requests for maintaining your hair color during this time. In keeping with my mission to bring you the...

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