Mar 16, 2019


SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

Got Gym Hair?

Do you pull your hair back with a hairband when exercising? Believe it or not, always pulling back your hair into the same ponytail while exercising is causing breakage. By wrapping the hair in the same place continuously, friction is created between the hairband and hair strands causing the cuticle to lift and create split ends and breakage.

Here are a few tips to avoid this:
• Utilize a soft scrunchie which has more cushion or buy a hair tie specifically made for working out, they are much more gentle on the hair.
• Alternate how you wear your hair up.
• Make sure your hair is dry before pulling it back in pony tail.
• Comb your hair back and create a soft braid.
• Shampoo and Deep condition after working out.

gym hair ponytail

gym hair braid


Hair Care Packages – Give Yourself a Gift

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Loyalty Card Reminder

If you haven’t already received yours, don’t forget to pick up your Loyalty Rewards card at your next appointment!
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Travel Dates

I will be traveling from:

April 19th – 21st

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SPECIAL: Complimentary Blow-Out for First Time Color Clients

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