Summer is just around the corner!

What does that mean for your hair?

COLOR FADE-AGE… Yes, the hair will fade faster in the sun. So what are we going to do about it? Here are my recommendations to help keep your hair beautiful and manageable all summer long.

1. Always use a leave in conditioner after you have cleansed your hair. Think of it like your face moisturizer, you wouldn’t skip that would you?

My choice for my hair: HAIR DD CREAM by Elgon. It protects the hair from harmful UV rays and damaging heat, plus prevents color fade. All while imparting shine and body, and it smells fantastic too! This leave-in conditioner works great on all hair types and colors.

2. If your hair is blonde I recommend Silver Shampoo & Silver Conditioner to keep your blonde from appearing yellow. This duo will keep your hair bright and glossy and help eliminate the effects of photooxidation.

3. *NEW* Anti -Red Shampoo for brunettes who tend to turn brassy or red in the sun. This new shampoo is a game changer! It will eliminate any unwanted brassy orange tones in the hair and keep your color looking beautiful. This product is selling out fast so make sure you reserve yours!


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